Concrete Restoration Services

Restoration Overlays

Design Concrete Builders is your resource for concrete restoration through the use of a durable overlay system that offers a unique value-added product to your property. Restore the beauty of any exterior or interior surface (wood or old concrete) in a color, texture and design of your choice through the use of cement-base overlays. As part of a concrete restoration project, water proofing protection is also often required. Our company specializes in unique products to repair water damaged areas, providing added protection for the future. Your restoration will match your desired design or color.

“I was at the library looking at the restoration work you did for us. The work looks good and the staff is very pleased. Thanks for working around our difficult schedule in getting this done in a timely manner. I look forward to working with you on some of the other projects we have been looking at.”       

Tony Brenneman

Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg

A Product As Unique as the Individual

The choices in overlays for the restoration of concrete are as unique and creative as the owner with custom choices to be made by each individual. From concrete stamp overlays to products that are smoother for a more practical application on interior floors, the sky is the limit on restoration for your home improvement project and commercial/industrial property.

Water-Proof Decks

Replace your worn-out wooden deck with a water-proof structure. Over time, weathering of wooden decks occurs no matter how much stain we re-apply to protect it. In addition, screws and nails begin to come loose as the boards begin to splinter. We offer water-proof decks to keep moisture away from your home and relieve you as the owner from the hassle of the maintenance that comes with it through a concrete/polymer base wood deck overlay system to last for years to come. A variety of colors, textures, and finishes are available to create a durable, hassle-free exterior living area.

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