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Walks, Patios, Driveways and more….

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We are very pleased with our stamped concrete patio. We researched 4 different concrete companies and felt their work on their website
showed a variety of options and showed the quality of their work. This company is a honest and trustworthy company.”

May 11, 2017


Award-Winning Concrete Designers & Builders

Design Concrete Builders provides concrete solutions! Providing beautiful new areas to enhance and protect the look of homes, communities, and commercial property is our specialty. Whether you need new concrete, or have an area needing restoration, our company will work with you to attain a unique look that will last! We work to stay up to date on the latest technology and best products on the market in order to provide low-maintenance and savings on future concrete repair.

As Class A builders, we also provide turnkey services for custom construction projects. We employ earth friendly practices, energy efficient building methods with both EarthCraft and EnergyStar, and common sense solutions. Whether adding a walkway or driveway, renovating a porch or patio, or designing and building a property from the ground up, Design Concrete Builders will assist you in adding value to your property.

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If you desire a change that will enhance your quality of life, we are here to discuss design options with you. Please take a few moments to browse through our website. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to working with you.

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Beautiful Outdoors

Springtime has arrived! The earth has awakened with green grass, flowers in bloom, buds on trees have transformed into leaves and in some places new calves are in the pastures. Rain continues to create lush spaces (and in some places rivers of water) and...

Standing water on patio

This summer we were contacted by a homeowner seeking to improve their back patio space. The homeowner explained that after every rain there would be water standing in the center of the patio for several days up to a week. This was a challenge for them...

Think Spring

As we live in the last month of winter, we anticipate the coming of springtime! While there is snow on the ground now we know that can and will change quickly. Spring is a time when the earth awakens and winter disappears, the sun shines and...