Some challenges we have been invited to discuss with clients includes what to do with an old (and possibly deteriorated) wood deck. A few top questions are:
1) How can I improve the my outdoor deck space given that the current space is a wood deck and is deteriorating?
2) Can you replace a wood deck with a concrete deck/patio?
3) What will be different?

As we listen to potential clients describe what they have and what they want, we are often able to create an outdoor living space people desire in a new concrete deck/patio. Some outdoor living space ideals are:
1. A new (concrete) patio that will last a long time;
2. A concrete patio to be low maintenance;
3. Water and rain runoff channeled away from house;
4. An improved space that will be structurally sound for many years.

The color and texture options available provide each client the opportunity to create a customized outdoor living space. Together with our clients we can create spaces that you have dreams of enjoying.

If you have a similar challenge with your current old wood deck or patio let us know. We may be able to assist you in creating the outdoor living space you desire. We look forward to hearing from you.

Need ideas? Visit our photo gallery to look at our collection of unique creations that can be tailored to your preferences. Ask Design Concrete Builders how we can improve your hardscape design today!