This past spring, a homeowner couple contacted us inviting us to their place to see what improvements could be done on their back patio. Living in their current home for more than 15 years, the back patio was settling in an uneven way. A large step off the back door was not a big deal as much as the brick patio had settled so unevenly. What could be done they asked?

After hearing from them their hopes for the space we created a plan with them on what we would do to create a level patio space and tie in the patio to the boardwalk as well as the deck steps and back door. We removed all the old patio bricks (including the big patio step), leveled the surface in preparation for the new concrete patio integrating the transition from deck steps to the boardwalk. The homeowners chose the stamp texture (Ashlar Slate) and concrete color (Slate) they thought would coordinate with the house colors. For added flair the homeowners chose to add a compass stamp, too! The end result is a sharp looking, non-settled patio that will be enjoyed for years to come.

If you have a similar challenge with your backyard patio being uneven and settling let us know. Perhaps we can assist you, too.

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