This summer we were contacted by a homeowner seeking to improve their back patio space. The homeowner explained that after every rain there would be water standing in the center of the patio for several days up to a week. This was a challenge for them because not only did their children get wet every time they played outside but the water pooling area was leaving a noticeable spot on the concrete. The homeowner wanted to 1) improve this space by getting rid of the pooling water, 2) increase the size of the patio and 3) improve the look of the patio.

After discussing potential options the best way forward the homeowner liked was starting over with a new patio. This would provide them with an opportunity to gain the amenities they were hoping to achieve and place they would enjoy spending time on outside (including an added grill area). 

If you have a similar challenge with your backyard patio let us know. Perhaps we can assist you, too. 

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