Concrete Building Design

Planning ServicesA collage of of a interior and exterior of a house.

Before you begin a building project, it is important to plan ahead. Design Concrete Builders will assist you in this very important step by walking with you through drafting and design services and focusing on cost-effective strategies for a quality home. We will prepare designs that accommodate appropriate insulation levels and moisture dynamics. We place windows and doors efficiently while still promoting a pleasing aesthetic.


“My home is eight years old. If I had known of the long-term savings in heating & air-conditioningI would ha ve built with ICF [Insulated Concrete Forms] construction in my entire home. I am amazed at the dry and air tight walls that  insulated concrete offers.”      ~ Jeff Crider, Fulks Run


Design Concrete Builders will guide you in obtaining an energy efficient, healthy and comfortable home. We will provide you with suggestions for beautiful, long lasting patios, sidewalks, driveways and attractive architecture directly influencing your property’s real estate value.


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Healthier Indoor Living

Most of us spend the majority of our time indoors. Despite this, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is often overlooked. Many factors promote a healthy indoor air quality. It is important to start with the right building materials. Choose caulks, sealers and paints that are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

The right types of insulation, flooring, ventilation and air filtration practices are all important as well. They will help keep the home or office dry and comfortable during all seasons. This in turn prohibits the growth of mold and bacteria. Making the right choices also provides increased protection against fire, wind, rodents and noise pollution.

“I am looking forward to living in my new home with the insulated concrete forms and the benefits that it will yield (better insulation, strength, dryness). I have had several contractors that have commented on the quality of work performed by Design Concrete Builders on my home.”  ~ Mark Milam, Luray

When the indoor environment is better maintained, energy is conserved. This decreases the costs of maintenance and saves you money. Building green is for anyone who wants to make healthy, environmentally sound choices that enhance quality of life for years to come.


Building GreenA collage of a building being built.

Green building methods are environmentally friendly. Building Green means focusing on energy efficiency, water conservation and erosion.Green methods can have an enormous positive impact on the outdoor environment. They also improve quality of life indoors. More than anything, we work to walk with you to make common-sense decisions to meet the desires of your specific project.

One method of efficient building involves the use of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF). Insulated concrete forms consist of two layers of extruded foam board (one inside the house and one outside the house) that act as the form for a steel reinforced concrete center. This is the fastest technique and the least likely to have construction mistakes. Buildings utilizing ICF are also very strong and easily exceed code requirements for tornado or hurricane prone areas.

Un-insulated walls and foundations have a negative impact on home energy use and comfort. By beginning with insulated concrete forms across the height of the structure, you will be promoting optimum energy efficiency. The result is savings and increased comfort. You will see a continual return on your investment (ROI) over the lifetime of the building.


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