Springtime has arrived! The earth has awakened with green grass, flowers in bloom, buds on trees have transformed into leaves and in some places new calves are in the pastures. Rain continues to create lush spaces (and in some places rivers of water) and we know that this is a blessing to be enjoyed. 

Design Concrete Builders has been out and about creating unique spaces for people to enjoy at home. This page provides you an opportunity to see what we have been up to the past month and a half. There are times when I have been asked “What did you do this week?” I try to paint pictures with words but here I can share the pictures instead of words. 

The photo with flower pots on the steps and a chair swing we worked on last fall. You can see the beauty of the work as a place to be enjoyed. The other photos are just a few of the projects we recently completed. The grass has to grow yet but it will come soon enough.

Need ideas? Visit our photo gallery to look at our collection of unique creations that can be tailored to your preferences. Ask Design Concrete Builders how we can improve your hardscape design today!